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Medical conditions that can affect your immigration physical

There are certain medical conditions that can cause delay or rejection of your application to change your status during the immigration medical examination process. The job of the civil surgeon who will evaluate you is to certify that you the applicant is admissible (that you do not have a health condition that would make you inadmissible). In other words, you do not have a medical condition that would cause you to fail your immigration medical examination.

Health related grounds that would make an applicant inadmissible or not able to change their status or obtain a green card include:

-Communicable disease of public health significance (i.e.

syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis etc.)

-If you have a physical or mental disorder with harmful


-If you are addicted to drugs or abuse drugs

-You fail to show proof of required vaccinations. This

only applies to lawful permanent residents.

-When completed the civil surgeon will provide you a

sealed copy of Form I-693 for USCIS and a copy for

your records

-The immigration officer will review Form I-693 and will

determine if you are admissible based on the

civil surgeon's findings and report

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