Things to ask yourself before traveling

  • Are you updated on all of your routine vaccines? (i.e measles, mumps, rubella, varicella "chicken pox", tetanus, polio etc).

  • Have you received all required or recommended vaccines for the region you are visiting? (i.e. for prevention of meningitis, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies).

  • Are you in need of protection or prophylaxis for malaria?

  • If traveling to developing countries, have you obtained health information related to that country, such as current outbreaks, eating safe food and drinking safe water to protect against food and water borne diseases.

  • Are you prepared for emergencies or injuries?

  • Have you planned for the protection and treatment of insect and animal bites?

We offer a wide range of travel related services

The goal of our travel clinic medical consultation is to:

  1. Assess overall traveler health 

  2. Analyze traveler's anticipated itineraries

  3. Provide individualized travel health advice

  4. Review and administer all recommended and required vaccines

  5. Educate traveler on the prevention and self treatment of travel related illnesses

All recommendations made and vaccines administered are based on the most current guidelines of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The Travel Clinic Consultation. What to Expect.

Ideally plan to visit our travel clinic 4-6 weeks prior to your departure.  

  • Complete our pre-travel questionnaire or intake form ahead of your visit if possible.  (this is to evaluate your general health, fitness to fly, vaccination history, planned itinerary, etc.).

  • Set up a travel consultation appointment to review your medical history form and to undergo your pre-travel physical examination. 

  • We will review and administer all recommended and required vaccinations depending on your individual needs and itinerary, based on current Centers for Disease Control guidelines. (Exemptions  i.e. for Yellow Fever vaccination can also be given to applicable individuals).

  • We will provide any needed prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis, traveler's diarrhea, acute mountain sickness prevention, motion sickness and other travel related illnesses. 

Travel Medicine